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Ceiling T grid(T bar)  
Ceiling structure


1) Main tee:

A) 3600x38x24mm

B) 3600x32x24mm

C) 3600x26x24mm


2) Long Cross tee:

A) 1200x26x24mm

B) 1200x24x24mm

C) 1200x38x24mm

D) 1200x32x24mm


3) Short cross tee:

A) 600x26x24mm

B) 600x24x24mm

C) 600x38x24mm

D) 600x32x24mm

4) Wall angle:






5) Thickness: 0.23 - 0.50mm

   Above are Metric system,ritish system also are available. 


1. Convenience in installation, it shortens working time and labor fees.

2. Neither air nor environment pollution while installing. with good effect for space dividing and beautifying.

3. Using fire proof material to assure living safety.

4. Can be installed according to practical demands.

5. The physical coefficient of all kinds Suspension Ceiling grid are ready for customer and designers' reference and request.



1. The Suspension Ceiling T bar is the light style. It is hung according to strict requirements. Then put the sound absorption board on the Ceiling T bar.

2. Hang the Ceiling T bar with H light steel channel. Insert the board into the Ceiling grid.

3. Set the PVC plasterboard and mineral ceiling board on the Suspension Ceiling grid. There are 15 plaster points which will be put with the lines and set with nails.